Services Provided

  • Consultation for advice only
  • Letters sent to try and suggest a way out; mediation recommendations; suggested four-way meetings
  • Separation Agreements: drafts by me with your input; Research Memorandums: easy-to-read; provided in most cases so you can review case "precedents"
  • Court applications: custody of children; access to children; joint custody; shared parenting; parallel parenting; equal timesharing; holiday and special occasion access; child support; special expenses for children; spousal support (alimony): lump sums and monthly payments; inflation protection; division of property including the matrimonial home, businesses, foreign property; division of all other assets including cash, RRSP's, pension plans, dividing pensions at source or upon retirement, insurance; payment of debt; appraisals of property and businesses organised; Bankruptcy considerations (referred to Trustee if need be); Restraining Orders - registered with police; Contempt of Court to enforce Orders; enforcing court costs . If your spouse has been unreasonable we'll aggressively argue that he should pay your Costs (my legal fees) of any Court Application; also we'll ensure you include a copy of my account with your next tax return to obtain deductibility of legal fees with respect to custody, access and support Applications to Court. This will reduce the impact of costs and legal fees on you.
  • Appeals: Divisional Court and Ontario Court of Appeal - I have appeared before appeal courts extensively over 40 years and am able to provide guidance as to how an appeal court might approach issues and what areas might be left to local Judges.
  • Notarising and commissioning of documents

To learn more, please contact me directly.